Eli Cripps asks – ‘What Did You Do?’

As Eli embodies her cathartic realisation, her voice ascends to a strong, operatic soprano key, as she asks repeatedly “What role did you play”? The effect of Eli’s powerful hums juxtaposed with the dramatic instrumental as we approach the bridge of the song, is chilling and hauntingly beautiful as the pureness and clarity of Eli’s delivery is simply breath-taking...

Manchester’s PERiiSU & EssJay invite you to have ‘The Last Dance’

Manchester’s perilously talented producer, singer and rapper PERiiSU featured in my 2017 ‘Northern Exposure’ write up where I shone the spotlight towards the talented women within Manchester’s Grime, Rap and R&B scene. Soon after, I reviewed PERiiSU’s mesmerising debut E.P ‘Metamorphic’ where I applauded the talented producer’s use of experimental sci-fi-esque Sonic’s and commended her futuristic vision...

*EXCLUSIVE* *COMING SOON* It’s on ‘Smoke’ In The Queen’s Quarters

London rapper Queenie shook the table and smashed it to smithereens last year, when she dropped her memorable verse on the IMMENSE and politically important, Lioness led, 2018 Grime track; ‘DBT Remix.’ The first of 5 female guest MC’s, which delved into the issues of colourism and sexism within the black community, saw Queenie brazenly warn any wasteman who dares to try and bring her down with their unwarranted negative opinions, that she will wear her waist trainer for fitness or fashion and will stick to doing as she pleases. She ends her verse,,,

A Sobering Serenade from Ohema X ft. Big Narstie *NEW SINGLE* ‘SOBER’

Every now and then you hear a good piece of pure pop that makes you feel refreshed and puts a spring in your step with its uplifting vibe and that is exactly what producer spookzville has achieved on the instrumental of this spring fresh single by Dice recording artists’ Ohema X and Big Nastier....

Introducing: Pupps with,’D.I.Y’ EP

Dean "Pupps" Brown is a 24 year old English rapper, songwriter and performer from Bow, East London. Having had a tough upbringing; with no contact with his Father until his later years, Pupps used music as a means of escape, developing a talent for songwriting and performing in the process. Having spent most of his time on the streets of East London, Pupps started to write about his observations and life experiences, giving a unique insight into what it really means to grow up in today's East London. ..

Kid D makes it look 2 Eazy ‘You were always Part 2’ Instrumental

If this smooth as silk instrumental sounds familiar that’s because it was revisited on the return to Grime roots album ‘Godfather’ by Grime stalwart Wiley. Beat master Kid D crafted a wifey riddim which sounds current giving us girls something to sway to whilst finding ourselves swept away on the waves of nostalgia as he… Continue reading Kid D makes it look 2 Eazy ‘You were always Part 2’ Instrumental

Champagne Poppin’ , Bubblee beats droppin!:DJ Sizzla & Champagne Bubblee – ‘Summer Sizzla Vol 1’

Champagne Bubbla's mic has barely cooled off after his hot like fire lyrics blessed the Rinse FM's Sidewinder 12 over takeover on 13th May 2017 before coming back with this joint project alongside DJ Sizzla on this hotter than a sizzling BBQ in July mix 'Summer Sizzla, Vol 1'

Wind It Up! SIDEWINDER Season is here! (Promo piece)

If you missed So Solid crew last year, guess what? They are back at Bowlers on Saturday 25th February 2017 to set it off with a bang, you lucky lot! Fresh faces Abra Cadabra will be robbing us of energy as he is set to shell down on stage and cause a madness and man of the moment Big Tobz joins the line up alongside Cadet ...