Newham: The East London Grime Site as A Place of Emancipatory Disruption

Newham was historically known as the gateway between London and Essex, the borough also appeared to act as a gateway for ethnic minority communities to converge and coexist, as Newham became the 2nd highest diverse group in the UK in 2001 UK Census, this would have encouraged differing racial and cultural groups to bond together in the comfort of working-class relatability. In conjunction with the ethnic make-up of Newham, the borough also had the 2nd highest...

Introducing: Pupps with,’D.I.Y’ EP

Dean "Pupps" Brown is a 24 year old English rapper, songwriter and performer from Bow, East London. Having had a tough upbringing; with no contact with his Father until his later years, Pupps used music as a means of escape, developing a talent for songwriting and performing in the process. Having spent most of his time on the streets of East London, Pupps started to write about his observations and life experiences, giving a unique insight into what it really means to grow up in today's East London. ..