A Sobering Serenade from Ohema X ft. Big Narstie *NEW SINGLE* ‘SOBER’

By Cammy Thomas

Every now and then you hear a good piece of pure pop that makes you feel refreshed and puts a spring in your step with its uplifting, breezy vibe and that is exactly what producer spookzville has achieved on the instrumental of this spring fresh single by Dice Recording artists’ Ohema X and Big Narstie. The track evokes imagery of burying your feet in the tropical sands of the Mediterranean, as you sit on the beach watching windsurfers sailing into the distance as seagulls streak the magnificient blue sky.

Ohema X sings earnestly about being dangerously close to being drunk in love with a special someone, until that person decides to burst the bubble, by suddenly coming to their senses having sobered up and walking away from the situation despite the promises they made. Ohema X does a great job in telling the story of this on/off, stop/start situationship using the metaphor of a drunken night out and the bleak ‘the morning after the night before’ regrets which often hits us with each sobering hour that passes. Sometimes there’s not enough plantin and paracetamol in the world, to cure the dreaded ‘What did I do’ feeling!

untitled (2)
Ohema X looking as stunningly tropical as her track sounds in day glow orange!

Ohema X’s voice echoes the vibe of the track and is clear, crisp and fresh, the delivery of her lyrics glides over the track like a swan drifting over a lake, as her tone of voice has an elegance and clarity to it, which serves to elevate the zestful energy of the song. Producer Spookzville underscores Ohema X’s first verse with a synthesiser pluck melody and incorporates sub bass, synth bass line and the sound of a long summer holiday is added with the addition of a tropical flute as the track reaches its chorus.

Picture Credit: Dice Recordings

By the time Big Narstie swoops in on his paraglide with his trademark charisma, Lionel (Richie) lyrics under one arm and tropical infused bars under the other – “Hit the floor like Lionel party fiesta, siesta music full blown…all night long like Lionel, one glove on like Michael” Narstie even gets bilingual over the beat dropping some Spanish bars over an electric guitar on his laid back verse, he obviously schooled up on his Spanish at his epic Big Weekender and album launch in Alicante, Spain last year (May, 2018.)

So what are you waiting for! Start summer early with this spring smasher of a track, while we all wait impatiently for the storms to pass and the sun to finally show itself!

*LISTEN* to ‘Sober’ by Ohema X ft. Big Narstie below