Beach Defence League: BDL Weekender in Spain, Alicante

Being invited to BDL’s weekender by Big Narstie’s record label and my frequent affiliates Dice recordings, was like rolling the dice on a game of Aces and getting a no.6. Every time. ‘REALLY noooooooo! P*ss offfffff, serious???!’ I exclaimed in my usual no nonsense Northern, slightly tom boyish way, as the label broke down the offer in full...

Tinie’s Disturbing Speakers in a BIG way: Junk Food Mixtape Review

The metaphor Hip hop / Hip POP star Tine Tempah alludes to in tilting his late 2015 mixtape “Junk Food” seems to be that he’s presenting to us, the listener a mixture of differing ingredients including sizzling peppers, chilli’s and sauce served up by many chefs who use the ingredients in varied amounts to suit their personal tastes.