Manchester’s PERiiSU & EssJay invite you to have ‘The Last Dance’

By Cammy Thomas

Manchester’s perilously talented producer, singer and rapper PERiiSU, featured in my 2017 ‘Northern Exposure’ write up where I shone the spotlight towards the talented women within Manchester’s Grime, Rap and R&B scene. Soon after, I reviewed PERiiSU’s mesmerising debut E.P ‘Metamorphic’, where I applauded the talented producer’s use of experimental sci-fi-esque Sonic’s and commended her futuristic vision.

Boss of the beats, Manchester Producer, PERiiSU

Like all things which constantly change and transform, PERiiSU has metamorphosed yet again, and is back asking us to join her for a last dance on her trip hop / soulful / DnB / turn up fusion! The distinctiveness of the track lies in the fact the track cannot be neatly packaged and boxed off into one particular genre. The track opens with a distinct electro soul vibe as an echoing xylophone rings out intermittently as though it is reverberating from the depths of an underground (36th?) chamber. PERiiSU then makes her intentions clear as she smooth croons, “Let me see you get lost to this rhythm, let me see you get carried away”, with a light vocoder effect on her vocal which thankfully does not completely disguise her voice. PERiiSU switches up her style to a sing /rap delivery as she breaks down the drip you should be wearing if you want to add some spice to any look you choose to serve! – “Black shorts , white T’s, flip flops, Nike’s, looking right in belly tops, lookin’ spicy.”

As always PERiiSU does not forget to shout out her ends as she makes a bold statement midway through the song “0161, home of the big dons” (She aint lyin’!)The latter half of the song features solid double time bars from Manchester’s EssJay, as he supersizes on the sauce with the lyrics – “I like her aura, covered in ice but she’s no senora, look into her eyes and you see the drama.” Throughout the track a hook with the staying power of gorilla glue, is chanted by PERiiSU – “Mandem bruk up the ting like whaa, gyal dem bruk up di ting like whaa”, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the turn up lyrics of the track belong on a bashment riddim, but ‘The Last Dance’ flexin’ themes, are in complete contrast with the spiritual, meditation guru feel of the instrumental, which is the very reason a DJ would drop this song at shut down time in the rave as ‘The Last Dance’, because in its uniqueness it’s a song which would remain memorable the next morning!

*LISTEN BELOW* to ‘The Last Dance’ by PERiiSU Ft. EssJay