Introducing: Pupps with,’D.I.Y’ EP

By Pupps music Ltd. & Cammy Thomas 

Dean “Pupps” Brown is a 24 year old English rapper, songwriter and performer from Bow, East London.  Having had a tough upbringing; with no contact with his Father until his later years, Pupps used music as a means of escape, developing a talent for songwriting and performing in the process. Having spent most of his time on the streets of East London, Pupps started to write about his observations and life experiences, giving a unique insight into what it really means to grow up in today’s East London.
Pupps’ early influences were Biggie Smalls, Tupac and Nas, with these artists inspiring him to initially put pen to paper. As the music scene evolved, Pupps started performing as a Grime MC, where he honed his performing and free-styling skills.

Although Pupps’ roots are firmly planted in Grime, he doesn’t shy away from fusing genres from across the board and you will hear elements of hip-hop, trap, house & garage within his music. He takes current inspiration from artist such as, MIST, Bugzy Malone & Yxng Bane.

Pupps in the manors!

Having been on the circuit for a while with dreams of making it as a recognised artist, 2017 saw things turn serious when a raw version of Pupps’ was presented to some key music industry contacts. He was subsequently signed and is now releasing his 1st EP, D.I.Y on his own label, Pupps Music Ltd… The rest, as they say, is history!

Pupps’ ‘D.I.Y’ EP is an attention grabbing début owing to the fact it is non  definable and difficult to catergorise, making it the epitome of authentic music. The E.P opens with a euphoric house instrumental, harking back to the 90’s dance collectives such as, ‘Baby D’ and ‘Livin’ Joy.’ The driving synths of the track culminate in an uplifting keyboard riff as Pupps’ gets autobiographical on the EP’s title track ‘D.I.Y.’ Pupps admits his peers were busy “nicking cars and getting into trouble and beef” while he “Just wants to blow but first I gotta learn how to detonate, I got bars and flows so let me demonstrate.”  Pupps’ then takes us on a journey to the pivotal points in his life and career thus far, allowing the listener to gain a deeper understanding of  what eventually led him to be the artist he is today.

Pupps merkin the mic

Pupps demonstrates his genre bending flows on the reflective, slow tempo tracks ‘No Changes’ and the stunning ‘When you’ve had enough’ featuring Sofia. Both tracks make use of laid back instrumentals, as Pupps’ skill allows him to express emotion and hardships, without compromising his fast flow and strong delivery. Pupps’ returns to his Grime roots on closing track ‘Nobody Cares’ as he announces directly with his opening bar “So what we tellin’ em? When I spit bars, I bring the Grime element’  and bring it, he does. ‘Nobody Cares’ holds all the key elements of a confident Grime artist within its lyrics, contrasted with an instrumental that is not typically Grime with Pupps  successfully blending the two seamlessly.  His bars are hard, stinging and unapologetic, as Pupps’ warns, that in his native Bow, East London ‘Nobody cares’ who you are, who you know or where you are from, you will be shut down if you don’t come correct.

East London MC Pupps’

Although ‘D.I’Y’ EP contains only 4 tracks, Pupps’, manages to showcase the lyrical ability of a full length album, so I can only imagine a full length album from Pupps’ would play like an aural encyclopaedia packed with life experiences and ‘books from Bow’,  to keep us transfixed until the very end. Pupps’ is one to watch in what I like to term the ‘conscious Grime’ MC. Pupps’ is a deep and thoughtful MC who spits bars with meaning regarding his own life whilst making observations of those around him, but don’t get it twisted, he will switch to attack mode and spin you on a set.


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