*ARTIST PROFILE // EP REVIEW*: The Misdemeanor’s of An Icon

This is not a test! Missy really has given us a fresh body of work for the first time in 14 years, with each track seasoned with secret ingredients from her very own personal cook book. When blended together all the differing flavours she samples from different eras of her career, marinade effortlessly until we reach full flavour of – The icon that is Missy...

*EXCLUSIVE* *COMING SOON* It’s on ‘Smoke’ In The Queen’s Quarters

London rapper Queenie shook the table and smashed it to smithereens last year, when she dropped her memorable verse on the IMMENSE and politically important, Lioness led, 2018 Grime track; ‘DBT Remix.’ The first of 5 female guest MC’s, which delved into the issues of colourism and sexism within the black community, saw Queenie brazenly warn any wasteman who dares to try and bring her down with their unwarranted negative opinions, that she will wear her waist trainer for fitness or fashion and will stick to doing as she pleases. She ends her verse,,,

The New Gen. Gal-dem came, to ‘Switch Up’ The Game!

Veteran MC and ‘Don’t Flop’ battle champion, Lady Shocker has passed an electric current through her 12 strong squad on ‘The Switch Up’ (produced by JBoss), if there’s a nationwide power cut tomorrow (10th May) when the video drops we know who to blame! The line-up reads like a new generation of winners within Grime, * Clears throat for roll call * We have, Lady Shocker (Team captain), Miz, Chey, NyNy, Laughta, Pre Wavy, Nehanda, Cassie Rytz, Frankie StayWoke, Portia NY, Nerva, Tomboy Sexy, and Madders Tiff *Gulps glass of water after reeling off the cast list.* ...

*NEW VIDEO* FFSYTHO & Filthy Gears’ come to merk as they: ‘Bop Through Ya Manor’

FFSYTHO ‘Bop through ya manor’, produced by the producer who I’m convinced does not sleep – Filthy Gears, is no exception. The video to yet another attention grabbing freestyle which dropped last year, has finally landed and it was worth the wait. As the track opens with Filthy Gears skittish violins, FFSYTHO is sat on an arm chair...

A Sobering Serenade from Ohema X ft. Big Narstie *NEW SINGLE* ‘SOBER’

Every now and then you hear a good piece of pure pop that makes you feel refreshed and puts a spring in your step with its uplifting vibe and that is exactly what producer spookzville has achieved on the instrumental of this spring fresh single by Dice recording artists’ Ohema X and Big Nastier....

Factually Fantastic! *ALBUM REVIEW* ‘Fantasy & Facts’ by Roses Gabor

and finally on the 22nd February 2019 the wait was over. Ms. Roses’ Gabor’s debut album ‘Fantasy & Facts’ is here, and it is a mass of floating clouds made of candy floss drifting under edible skittles flavoured rainbows, floating towards a faraway never-never land where sunflowers sing and birds beautify you upon arrival with crowns made of ivory entwined with bluebells. ‘Fantasy & Facts’ really does play like the dream you never want to awake from.,,,

Introducing: Pupps with,’D.I.Y’ EP

Dean "Pupps" Brown is a 24 year old English rapper, songwriter and performer from Bow, East London. Having had a tough upbringing; with no contact with his Father until his later years, Pupps used music as a means of escape, developing a talent for songwriting and performing in the process. Having spent most of his time on the streets of East London, Pupps started to write about his observations and life experiences, giving a unique insight into what it really means to grow up in today's East London. ..

*INTERVIEW* Rude Kid at Grime Originals

Securing this interview with one of the Lords of the decks with Grime producer Rude Kid, has presented my greatest challenge, since I nearly broke both thumbs, figuring out the combo code on street fighter 2 turbo to execute a flawless Chun Li upside down, spinning helicopter scissor kick! The interview at Grime originals went according to plan in one take, or so I thought. There I was, ready to jump into transcribing my next interview from my Dictaphone when I hear “Over here?” then nothing but white noise! Nooooooooo! ‘What happened to the interview?’ I panicked...

*INTERVIEW* – Grime Violinist at Grime Originals

It is all of the above that makes Tanya Cracknell, AKA  Grime violinist such an intriguing performer, she has carved out a niche in a scene you would not automatically place her, as a classically trained musician, bringing live instrument to Grime's earth shattering logic pro beats. The Grime violinists' covers of contemporary cuts such as ...

*INTERVIEW* with Madders Tiff at Grime Originals

By Cammy Thomas If the title of Madders Tiff recent EP 'Madders On The Block' is anything to go by, the madness on her block is down to her being on absolute bits this year and having a busy block to pattern! This year alone she has worked with some of the Grime's powerhouse producers including Wiley on 'Underdog', Rude Kid… Continue reading *INTERVIEW* with Madders Tiff at Grime Originals