Hear These Lionesses Roar: ‘DBT’ Remix Lioness Ft. Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr, Little Simz

Given the subject matter of the original ‘DBT’ regarding colourism within the Grime scene and ethnic minority communities in general; it’s only right that Lioness invited other melanin magnificent females to the remix, to speak their minds and share their own views over the same bad ass beat complete with wailing sirens, which made the original hit so hard. The first 40 seconds begins in the same way as the original, with Lioness original lyrics. When we reach the bar “Any time you bring us down, imma raise up all of dem” her words begin to echo signifying her squad..

Kid D makes it look 2 Eazy ‘You were always Part 2’ Instrumental

If this smooth as silk instrumental sounds familiar that’s because it was revisited on the return to Grime roots album ‘Godfather’ by Grime stalwart Wiley. Beat master Kid D crafted a wifey riddim which sounds current giving us girls something to sway to whilst finding ourselves swept away on the waves of nostalgia as he… Continue reading Kid D makes it look 2 Eazy ‘You were always Part 2’ Instrumental

Coventry Artists’ Whizzy and Emily-Jaye *NEW SINGLE* ‘Frontin’

The Coventry couple on and off record, have applied this formula to their single 'Frontin' and it's a winner. Whizzy's lyrics are honest and mature for his young years; as he shares that his focus is on "Makin' bangers with my family"; but he is fully aware of the trolls surrounding him who won't want him to succeed, to which he contests "Gotta stay hard hittin', viking." You can't help but wonder just what it is this young artist has experienced when he wearily claims, "19 soon life's drawing to an end, brother I ain't lyin.'" hopefully it won't be long before an EP release which will expand upon these themes,

MEZ: Artist Profile // ‘Tyrone’ *EP Review*

Danger in a durag is the phrase that comes to mind when I listen to the wise but young uncle Mez from the forest (of Nottingham to be precise.) Since 2013 Mez has cast his durag over the Grime scene to make some serious waves. His debut EP ‘28’, dropped in 2015, and early releases 'Sike', 'Normal shoe', 'Magnum' and ‘One line flows' served to increase Mez's popularity; eventually earning...

Treddin’ On his Own: Cadell ‘L.O.N.D.O.N’ *ALBUM REVIEW*

Which brings us to 2018's brilliant 'L.O.N.D.O.N' (Lots of nig*as don't observe nature) album, where Cadell completely and undoubtedly comes into his own on his second full length project. There are no production elements or conversational soundbites on this album which link him to his elder brother. Listening to L.O.N.D.O.N an image formed of..

Honourable Mention: ‘Outbursts from the Outskirts’ by Manga Saint Hilare & Lewi B

Manga unleashes his startling outburst detailing how he doesn’t fit in anywhere and how he was more concerned with creps than his parents struggles to make ends meet. As Manga digs even deeper into his soul, his voice cracks and breaks with the pain of reminiscing about his difficult past and the emotions Manga had to revisit to provide the most honest piece of work I have heard all year. Manga poignantly admits “Grime nearly killed me and Grime saved my life, grime gave me an in and grime kept me outside” ...

*VIDEO REVIEW* Lion Babe, ‘Rockets’ Ft. Moe Moks

The dazzling New York duo comprising of producer Lucas Goodman and sultry singer Jillian Hervey gives us soul-funk on cosmic rainbows with shimmer sun flares on their newly released single 'Rockets.' The production can only be described as deliciously swirling spheres of aural psychedelia orbiting the hazy atmosphere of a sky filled with a multitude of hues. The percussion on the track...

Album Review: Heavy Smasherz, from The Heavy Trackerz

The ‘Heavy Trackerz’ did right to call their concept album ‘Odyssey’ as it really does take you on an otherworldly journey of the sonic stratosphere and beyond which would explain the space suits on the album cover. The trackerz with the tekkerz explore many tuneful terrains in their exploration through song and space visiting Grime on ‘Rude boy flex’ ft. Ghetts, reggae on ‘Survivor’ ft. Doctor, Inch of section boyz and Joe Grind, Gospel on the choir assisted ‘Feel the love’, RnB/Dance on ‘Days like This’ complete with the gorgeously feminine allure of Tizzy’s vocals. We even have a foray into the UKG arena with a reworking of the singalong garage classic ‘Sorry’ and fresh vocals from original singer Monsta boy. We are treated to a frustrated but brilliant Manga Saint Hilaire airing his ...

Black Friday, Black daily : A story of Shadeism

It turns out I'd experienced shadeism - (derogatory comments and slurs meant to demean a person based on the shade of their skin complexion, often perpetuated by people belonging to the same racial group as the person on the receiving end) it just didn't have a name back when I got given the moniker ....