Factually Fantastic! *ALBUM REVIEW* ‘Fantasy & Facts’ by Roses Gabor

and finally on the 22nd February 2019 the wait was over. Ms. Roses’ Gabor’s debut album ‘Fantasy & Facts’ is here, and it is a mass of floating clouds made of candy floss drifting under edible skittles flavoured rainbows, floating towards a faraway never-never land where sunflowers sing and birds beautify you upon arrival with crowns made of ivory entwined with bluebells. ‘Fantasy & Facts’ really does play like the dream you never want to awake from.,,,

Banking on Success! *ALBUM REVIEW* ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’

Ms. Banks shows her versatility, when she sings sweetly on the bittersweet R&B ballad ‘Over (Your shit)’ about a guy she gave her time to and she’s now had enough of his games asking him “How many bitches do you need?” listening to this I couldn’t help but think it’s possible that Nicki Minaj sees her own skills reflected in Ms. Banks

Album Review: Heavy Smasherz, from The Heavy Trackerz

The ‘Heavy Trackerz’ did right to call their concept album ‘Odyssey’ as it really does take you on an otherworldly journey of the sonic stratosphere and beyond which would explain the space suits on the album cover. The trackerz with the tekkerz explore many tuneful terrains in their exploration through song and space visiting Grime on ‘Rude boy flex’ ft. Ghetts, reggae on ‘Survivor’ ft. Doctor, Inch of section boyz and Joe Grind, Gospel on the choir assisted ‘Feel the love’, RnB/Dance on ‘Days like This’ complete with the gorgeously feminine allure of Tizzy’s vocals. We even have a foray into the UKG arena with a reworking of the singalong garage classic ‘Sorry’ and fresh vocals from original singer Monsta boy. We are treated to a frustrated but brilliant Manga Saint Hilaire airing his ...

Jamz that make you jump up! Jamz Supernova interview

I caught up with radio 1Xtra extraordinaire Jamz supernova after her explosive set at Manchester’s Parklife festival to find out how she juggles being a radio presenter on one of the most prestigious music platforms in the UK, hyping up the rave at her ‘Future Bounce’ club nights where she is hostess / DJ ...

Who runs the North? GIRLS!

But what’s going on outside of London? Does Grime exist up North? Is there a UK rap and R&B scene beyond Birmingham’s bull ring? Errrmmmmmm does Marcel mention blazing squad all the time? Duh!! Of COURSE there is! Last year I brought you various interviews, articles and gig reviews from the Manny mandem, but it’s long overdue for the Miss Manny’s to get their time to shine. Step forward ‘angels (and devils) of the North’ …

New Single – ‘Aint Gonna say no more’ Put some Respeck on their names: S.I.P feat MC Bushkin

‘Aint gonna say no more, Respeck’ opens with a rousing gospel chorus sampled from the Hamiltones introspective take on THAT bonkers birdman moment. The hook evokes memories of the evangelical choir singers some of us as kids became accustomed to at church on Sunday’s sat next to granny. S.I.P then slides into the sparse instrumental of drums, bass and organ to comfortably rap in a chilled out style as though the sounds of the gospel strains from the Hamilton sample have soothed his soul to allow him to state his strong points..

Diamonds are forever: Introducing Blvck Diamond, Mic Check Interview

I was temporarily dazzled by the glisten and glare I spied emerging from the dimness surrounding us created by non-other than Manchester’s talented R&B collective ‘Blvck diamond’ consisting of members Kay Angz (producer, singer, songwriter and engineer), JNR - (Singer/Songwriter), GH05T (Producer Piano/Keys player), Shinaye (Singer/Songwriter), OffKee - (Rapper/MC), Romayne Erin (Close Friend of the group and intermittent guitarist) and missing member on the night ...