Grime’s Court Jester D Double E – *ALBUM REVIEW* Jackuum!

In keeping with D Double's’ expert comedic timing, his debut album 'Jackuum' opens with D Double E being interviewed by a posh middle class elderly lady at 'Jackuum FM.' The ‘interviewer’ approaches dizzying levels of delirium at the mere presence of D double E in the studio! As its D Double E voicing the character it makes it twice as hilarious when the character states in a Hyacinth Bouquet plummy accent, "Oh my GOSH, this is ridiculous. I'm ACTUALLY blushing", after D double’ delivers a BLUKU! at her request...

Bars on lock, on her block! Madders Tiff ‘Madders on the block’ EP

Madders Tiff seems to be bouncin’ from block to block of late, the London Grime MC has been busy spittin her no nonsense bars at Reprezent FM, Mode FM, was interviewed on Rinse FM as part of Girls of Grime female takeover set and also performed at their female takeover event in Dalston on June 17th. There’s no denying her work rate is a madness and luckily for us she shows no signs of slowing down....

Our Godfather: The Legend, The Legacy, The Longevity (Part 2)

Last week we looked at Wiley’s musical roots as a youth, his sonic creation - the Eski beat instrumentals, his discovery of Dizzee Rascal and the alliances formed which would stand the test of time. During the interlude you should have become acquainted with the ice rink armed with the avalanche of riddims I left you with at the end of Part 1 (If not skate backwards to Part 1, have a listen and re-join us here.) It’s now time to put down the skates and pick up your skis...

Our Godfather: The Legend, The Legacy, the Longevity (Part 1)

The rise and rhymes of the Godfather of Grime is a perfect example of seemingly random events (some of which were triggered by Wiley himself and others pulled Wiley in like the mass gravity of a faraway planet) swirling and colliding in complete chaos and as a result something complete and wholly organic, which made perfect sense, began to emerge...

Surrendering to Sidewinder Summer Festival 2016

With Sidewinder summer festival in a state of slumber in 2015 we were more than ready for the event to wake up from its yearlong snooze and wind itself back up again like a watch with a brand new battery; just in time to celebrate its sweet sixteenth. In Sidewinders’ infancy back in 1996 its capacity was that of only 600 and was held at a small venue in Northampton shining a spotlight on garage legends EZ, Sticky, JAM and Principal. As the Garage sound began to evolve into a darker sound it welcomed acts, So solid Crew, Ms. Dynamite and Heartless crew so too did the venues...

Skepta’s now sprinting: Konnichiwa Album review

‘Konichiwa’ opens like an atmospheric movie, our underdog the protagonist Skepta is strolling through an oriental garden barefooted, trickling streams meander lazily under his feet, birdsong sweetly serenades the microphone champion but suddenly a sense of danger breaks the serenity of the day and a sword is drawn from its sheath. Skepta is poised and ready to clash with the approaching threat, calm is broken and the track becomes ominous and tense with an ethereal vocal introduced, we are then plunged into

Dizzee Could Not be Swayed to share

Wiley vs Dizzee is not just one of the most compelling beefs Grime fans have witnessed but also contains a longevity which sets it apart from other beefs which have erupted on the scene. Here you have two legends in their own right who were trailblazers in the formation of Grime, they were both instrumental in the parts they played in aiding the growth of the genre, Wiley created the now famed Eskimo beat and Dizzee became the first ‘Poster boy’ of Grime and took the genre to a mainstream audience winning prestigious awards such as a Mercury music prize

A rave where we all misbehave: Eskimo Dance, Manchester

“Welcome to the ninth annual hunger games, may the mic be ever with you firin’” - it’s 2016 – spring, Eskimo dance is touring and each MC is poised and ready to compete in Grime’s version of ‘The hunger games,’ the DJ’s are the game makers (and game changers), the venue’s become the arena and the stage is set for our microphone matadors to impress its audience. The tour

Kano remembers his manors on his epic album release: Made in the manor

Kano displays his polaroid’s from the past expertly as the album opens on a red-hot summers day and you can almost feel yourself melting in the manor as Kano tells us it’s ‘T-shirt weather in the manor’ we are transported to a time before the release of Kano’s first album where Heartless crew ruled the airwaves; as you try to cool down with a “Screw ball 99, flake it out” the instrumental is subtle with a simple piano melody underscoring Kano’s story ensuring we can hear what he has to say.