Bars on lock, on her block! Madders Tiff ‘Madders on the block’ EP

Madders Tiff dropped her debut EP, ‘Madders on the block’ on 01st June, and there’s boss man and boss gal producers on every floor of her tower block! On the ones and twos we have Wiley, Rude Kid, Filthy gears, Shannon Parkes and Carty BOTB, if Carlsberg made a dream team of producers then this would be it! The EP opens with more questions for Theresa May on the track ‘Listen’ (I wonder if she’s answered all of Dave’s yet hmmmm.) It’s an attention grabbing opener as it samples the most reloaded Grime track of all time, Rebound X’s ‘Rhythm and Gash’ all chopped up and spread out pon the riddim. ‘Tiff gathers her troops (Lost Souljah, Discarda and Tommy B) to shell down alongside her on the sinister n sick ‘Dark.’ Each MC shrouds the track in shade and shadows (see what I did there 😉 with flawless flows, with all MC’s going IN, but special shouts must go to Discarda for his verse, “I heard you wanna get rid of me, everybody knows Discarda is a liberty, schizing out, dash this enemy, without a doubt you can’t make a prick of me, are you kidding me, these sick lyrics Discarda’s got, infinity.”

‘F*ck off freestyle’ highlights Madders’ skippy flow and double time delivery as she spits so hard it’s like hail stones are flying out of her mouth and ejecting through your speakers with the bars “I am Grime I am here, all this talk I can’t hear, yes I’m mouthy, show no fear I’m not the underdog make that clear” ‘In the Hood’ is a hard-line track which is also semi-autobiographical as Madders Tiff breaks down the beefs she got into back in the day. Jay 0117 lays down a charismatic feature and also shouts out one of the most charismatic and iconic characters on film; ‘Fight Clubs’ Tyler.

It’s Madders Madders !!

On the emo electronic tinged ‘Raindrops’ produced by Rude Kid; Madders Tiff deep dives into her autobiography, and bravely admits her battle with mental health and the domestic abuse she witnessed in her youth. Madders’ searing honesty is to be commended here, as her heart is wide open for all to see and I hope people listening to this track struggling with mental health issues, won’t feel so alone and will speak to someone rather than suffer in silence. Featured artist Kraze’s verse is absolutely heart-breaking, as he divulges that his dad passed away when he was born and how music enables him to express his innermost thoughts. It’s an emotional listen but a necessary one, to understand the journey both artists have been on.

‘Underdog’ is a monster track with Wiley’s signature sounds throughout – convoluted tubular tunnel effects and a B-line that sounds like it’s about to birth a fleet of T-Rex’s to wreak havoc and destruction. Madders’ affirms her status as a mainstay on the scene over sporadic violins and spits, “See I’ve always been strong, at times I thought that I couldn’t go on, but god didn’t put me on this earth to fail that’s long, looked at myself in the mirror said, come on.” Madders Tiff is her very own marching band (ala Beyonce’s Coachella headliner) on ‘Underdog’ and I found myself bouncin’ and cheering her along as the track progressed, superpower riddim deyah!

The instrumental of closing track ‘In the end’ produced by Shannon Parkes is completely different to any other track on the EP; owing to its haughty hymn like church choir background vocals. The track has actually given me much needed perspective on a similar situation, as Madders Tiff breaks down a complex relationship and the effort taken to be friends, which proves impossible when feelings are involved. Thanks to Madders’ I don’t feel like I’m mad for going off on one when a guy you have feelings for refuses to pick up his phone! It’s a very honest account of the raw reality of wanting to be with someone, but knowing in your heart they are not ready to commit and choosing for both of your sakes, to leave them be. Madders block is jam packed with powerhouse produces, fierce flows, big beat bangers, powerful politics and raw truths; making this a debut standing at skyscraper levels, on solid foundations.

Cammy Thomas

LISTEN to Madders Tiff debut EP ‘Madders on the block’ below: