Female Allstars & JME: ‘What You Call Disss?’ EP

GBK meets BBK in an unexpected but exceptional collabo between the razor sharp bars of the Female Allstars comprising of - veteran MC and clash aficionado Lady Shocker, menacing Miz, fierce Frankie stay woke and nang Ny-Ny, and the juggernaut MC that is JME, who is of course one of the founding and celebrated members of grime crew; BBK...

Kano remembers his manors on his epic album release: Made in the manor

Kano displays his polaroid’s from the past expertly as the album opens on a red-hot summers day and you can almost feel yourself melting in the manor as Kano tells us it’s ‘T-shirt weather in the manor’ we are transported to a time before the release of Kano’s first album where Heartless crew ruled the airwaves; as you try to cool down with a “Screw ball 99, flake it out” the instrumental is subtle with a simple piano melody underscoring Kano’s story ensuring we can hear what he has to say.

Tinie’s Disturbing Speakers in a BIG way: Junk Food Mixtape Review

The metaphor Hip hop / Hip POP star Tine Tempah alludes to in tilting his late 2015 mixtape “Junk Food” seems to be that he’s presenting to us, the listener a mixture of differing ingredients including sizzling peppers, chilli’s and sauce served up by many chefs who use the ingredients in varied amounts to suit their personal tastes.