Lylo Gold *NEW SINGLE* ‘Over U’

East London’s Lylo Gold graces us with a shimmer more golden than Rihanna’s ‘trophy wife’ highlighter on her second single ‘Over U’, which details the heartache of an unhealthy former relationship and the triumph of being able to look back at the relationship and see it for what it really was; allowing the painful chapter to be closed and ready to start anew in the next chapter in the book of life, let’s admit it ladies we’ve all been there and there’s only so much we can take before our patience wears thin and we are left with no choice but to utter the words “I’m done. I’m over U” to a guy repeatedly disrespecting us.

This Golden girl’s voice is strong, soulful and distinctive as she tells her tale of triumph over heartache; as 24 year old Lylo Gold nears the chorus of the up tempo 90’s flavoured RnB track, her voice soars to a beautiful crescendo alluding to the fact she has now risen above the heartbreak. If you remember the sweet sounds of Nicole Wray and Monica in RnB’s heavenly 90’s heyday, then this one is for you and I’d advise you to check into the heartbreak hotel and let the simplistic acoustic guitars underscoring Lylo Gold’s melodies, sweep you away and uplift your soul.

Produced by: XVR Black

Instrumentation by: Jemil Major

Listen to Lylo Gold’s new single ‘Over U’ below:


Cammy Thomas