‘Sick Wid It’ EP by Akesman

Following the release of 2014 debut EP ‘The War’, Wolverhampton MC, Akesman, bursts though the sonic landscapes to crash-land in Grime’s murky stratosphere with his hectic 7 track EP, ‘Sick wid it.’ The EP is filled to the brim with bombastic B-lines, beast man bars coupled with dynamic flows over 140 bpm riddims, for rude bwoys and rude gyals everywhere to flex to. ‘Sick wid it’ is like standing tall in the muddy gristle strewn garden of Grime, with the sun glaring down on you at full strength, while you bask in its fiery glory; as the EP satisfies the spicy palates of every hard-core grime head starving for hard-line, edgy tracks and supreme urban lyricism.

untitled (7)
Wolverhampton Grime MC, Akesman

From the bubblin’ Preditath produced title track ‘Sick wid it’, to the Westy produced funky house anthem ‘Rudeboii’ (Don’t worry Akesman hasn’t forgotten the gal dem, as he also invites us to get involved.) Akesman instructs everyone in the rave to “Skank, skank, skank out.” ‘Sick wid it’, is a dizzying EP which remains relentless in energy throughout all 7 tracks. Akesman gets into war mode warning mandem daring to violate him; “Man you will see ‘Wagwarn’, he comes with a brazen flow, over a spaced out flute and pensive bass on the track. The D n D award (That’s dangerous and dutty for those wondering) goes to ‘Running bare Gums’ for its shark attack like instrumental, executed in a dancehall style, there is light relief on Treble clef’s production with a high-pitched synth interlude, underscored with xylophones on the hook as Akes’ stays true to Grime’s aggressive essence, whilst bringing in a sparring partner in the form of featured artist knucklz as they caution, “Yo its Akes and Knuckz running bare gums you will get punched up.

Sound effects supremo and Grime veteran Flirta D is on hand to provide the hype hype on ‘Chat 2 Fast’, produced by Exodus. Flirta D brings his legendary sound effects and rhyming skills to a threatening piano riff. The collabo is as thrilling as the instrumental itself and showcases Akesman’s ease and comfortability spittin’ on the mic alongside a veteran of Flirta D’s stature. The EP closes with a stomping grime remix of ‘Hear dis’, and it’s hard not to with its subwoofer super bass which will have your ear drums marching in time to the big beat. ‘Sick wid it’ EP pays homage to the bouncy bad man riddims of early grime, whilst incorporating a variety of urban genres to give it a memorable advantage. If we’re talking in tennis terms which I seem to have suddenly slipped into! The advantage is Akesman, with a grime GAME win! Make sure you listen to Akesman’s first EP below ,‘The War’ to complete the SET and make up your own minds as to whether it is a MATCH to his current EP in bringing skank inducing riddims to the floor.

Cammy Thomas

‘Sick Wid It’ EP

‘The War’ EP

‘Sick Wid it’ *VIDEO*