Essential Life Multivitamins to Bring Out the Wonder Woman in You!

Promotional Piece – By Cammy Thomas

Would I have been in a position to learn a new job role, which entails me to graft for up to 10 hours a day as I partake in intense training, support a traumatised friend through her current hardships, come out of a month long writing break to write a music piece for the Female Allstars new EP, celebrate a milestone birthday 3 weekends in a row with family and friends, and also process an unfortunate and unnerving encounter of my own last month, without the superhuman strength Essential Life Woman Multivitamin bestowed upon me over the last 4 weeks? The answer is no, it’s highly unlikely and much more likely without the much needed boost these new vitamins have given me, I would have been sat in a corner staring into space hunched and defeated, akin to a wrinkly limp balloon with all the life drained out of it, after experiencing some challenges and hard knocks over the last month.

You too can have wonder woman strength to rival and eventually overthrow the likes of Thanos of the marvel multiverse, if you take your 15ml daily dose of Essential Life Women’s Multivitamin, it’s like girl power ( which we all fondly remember from the 90’s) has had a reboot to give us all a new lease of life! When my friend asked me to try her (and her sister’s) new multivitamin, after surprising me by revealing it had been in the works for the last few years and was now on sale via Amazon, I was elated for my friends’, but unsure of how a multivitamin with 147 active ingredients would taste – would it be bitter, would it have a chalky aftertaste? I’m pleased to say the multivitamin, specifically blended, and formulated by women for women, tastes like a shot of sunny delight, California style – it’s that smooth! Now here comes the science from the makers of this enriching, high energy product, that instils you with effervescence whilst you’re balancing a busy and chaotic lifestyle.

“High strength supplement, the Essential Life Woman Multivitamins contains everything you need to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle to improve yourself and your health. This premium supplement is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other elements which deliver a strong nutritious punch to support women on a daily basis. Essential life liquid vitamins are made by Swedish laboratory experts and include 147 premium grade active ingredients with a delicious taste, we blended natural fruit extracts such as Apple, papaya, mango and pineapple, to offer you a fruity nutritious punch that you will love.”

So, there you have it ladies! If you are a multitasking woman, who rarely gets a moment to kick back and relax because you’re juggling 20 things at once (me!) then this is the multivitamin for you, blended with care to give babes everywhere the boost we need. Order between today (27/04/21) and 01/05/21 and get your exclusive 10% off your first order of these beneficial vitamins:

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