Mud baths, Madness and Mayhem: Parklife Festival 2016, Day 1

the festival itself was located at Heaton Park, Manchester, but one must present themselves where the party is in progress) With the gal gang assembled early doors and shots lined up before midday on Saturday like a squad of soldiers ready to intoxicate and inebriate the four of us we were ready to roll. Whilst queueing to gain access to the festival it struck me how vigorous security checks were on the guys, due to the fact the violent incidents which threatened to see the festival shutdown permanently had involved men.

Gone Clear or Going Court?

On 01st May Bugzy Malone set twitter timelines buzzing as a news report from the largely unknown website – surfaced reporting that Bugzy had been arrested for possessing stolen goods, but the twist in this tale is that rumour had it Bugzy had incriminated himself by flexin’ a ‘stolen’ Rolex in one of his videos. Cue an avalanche of tweets labelling Bugzy a waste man and had Grime fans wondering if Chip was right all along in calling him a dickhead.