Gone Clear or Going Court?

Since Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone, real name Aaron Davis entered the Grime scene last year with a series of beefs with Chip he has barely been out of the news feeds. Hot on the heels of his lyrical warfare fired in Chip’s direction he had a successful EP release with “Walk with me”, what was thought to be an underwhelming release with the moody ‘Bronson’, and brought it back again with the mighty ‘Gone Clear’ in which Bugzy silenced the haters with his no-nonsense delivery and menacing instrumental.

On 01st May Bugzy Malone set twitter timelines buzzing as a news report from the largely unknown website – Publishedlive.com surfaced reporting that Bugzy had been arrested for possessing stolen goods, but the twist in this tale is that rumour had it Bugzy had incriminated himself by flexin’ a ‘stolen’ Rolex in one of his videos. Cue an avalanche of tweets labelling Bugzy a waste man and had Grime fans wondering if Chip was right all along in calling him a dickhead. With no one coming forward to confirm or deny the stories it seemed as though it was a real possibility Bugzy was going behind bars instead of spittin’ them.

A collective sigh of relief could almost be heard across Manchester and beyond when Bugzy took to his time line on twitter a few days after his apparent ‘arrest’ to inform he’d been away for a few days. Everything became clear when Bugzy Malone dropped cover art for his upcoming EP ‘Facing time’ which features his ‘mugshot’ from his ‘arrest.’ All of this ascertains Bugzy Malone has mastered the art of marketing strategies to aid his promotional campaigns to ensure he secures top 10 placements on his EP’s.

Image result for bugzy malone facing time

In anticipation of the upcoming EP ‘Facing time’ Bugzy went back to the booth that he burned last year to gift fans with a Fire In the Booth session on Saturday 14th May. Stepping into the booth of fire with a fresh fade and a blue jack clinging to his newly Hench physique Bugzy begins with the sigh of a man with the weight of the universe on his shoulders and states he wrote a letter to the judge “Cos the victim’s holding a sick vendetta” which raises the question of who the victim is Bugzy speaks of, he then goes on to say that even though he is famous must still face punishment like any man who could see him incarcerated or the lesser sentence of community service. Bugzy paints a very bleak picture of being behind bars and officers not caring how the person got there, he touches upon the abuse his mother (or his characters mother) suffered at the hands of a drunken step father and how he himself got caught in the crossfire at the age of twelve trying to protect his family. Interestingly Bugzy reflects on where he began last year on “Bury new road” when he only had money from selling drugs before Charlie Sloth rescued him and “Showed me the ropes and led me to stand on my own two feet like Christopher Reeves before his spinal stopped working” *Enter Charlie Sloth explosion / breaking glass sound effect here* Bugzy ends on the low-key and moody instrumental by addressing recent rumours confirming a hater fabricated the story regarding his theft of stolen goods.

The second instrumental Bugzy spits on is fierce which allows Bugzy go in and rip up the mic. Bugzy is in beast mode here, he’s taking no prisoners and playing no games – He proclaims “It’s been a year now I see things clear now” , he mentions the success of last years ‘Walk with me tour’ and proudly tells us that this year he’s doing better as he’s booked to play at Park life, Wireless and Glastonbury festivals. Bugzy makes is clear that the 0161 is “Spreading like a virus” and takes credit for putting Manny on the map, he stresses again to his haters he’s not so reckless that he’d risk everything he’s worked so hard for by stealing from a jewellery shop in plain sight of CCTV. He mentions how the chameleons are showing their true colours and warns they will be exposed if not by him by their own shady behaviour. Bugzy is mad and he’s not about to back down because some artists don’t want him on the scene – “They want me out the game I’m not goin’ told them go and write me another poem” Bugzy then barks down the mic like one of DMX’s famed dog barks as though he’s ready to pounce and rip mans face apart for trying it with him. The most jaw dropping bar from the session is when Bugzy reveals that an MC who called him a ‘Dickhead’ asked if he’d like to do a joint album and that same artist promoted his E.P and “played himself” it doesn’t take a genius to realise Bugzy is most likely re-sending for Chip with this bar which could reignite their beef which could cause major heatwaves just in time for summer.

By the time Bugzy’s blazin’ session comes to an end sweat is dripping down his face as though he’s been at one of his much-loved gym sessions and he’s exhausted having put every ounce of fury into the mic. Lastly he warns that he won’t stop until he finds out which “MC has tried sabotaging me” As Charlie hollers at dangerous eardrum bursting levels Bugzy finishes how he began with a heavy sigh looking simultaneously defeated yet defiant that he got everything he needed to say off his chest.

Will Bugzy’s EP ‘Facing Time’ cause a hype ting in grime? The jury is out until the release on 03rd June.

Cammy Thomas