Tremors From the North side! A chat with Scouse Tremz

“Ok so where’s Izzie Gibbs? Is it ok to chat to him?” I enquired

“Oh nah sorry Cam, he didn’t make it out in the end” Dice recordings clarified

“But wait! Is that Tremz over there?”

“Oh yeah yeah he missed his flight home…looooong story”

“Oh I’m glad ‘cos that means I can possibly interview him?” cue a look of disbelief and bemusement from Tremz label exec as I tried to spin a negative for Tremz into a positive for his fans by grabbing a quick chat with him to find out what makes Tremz tick!!

Liverpool rapper Scouse Tremz, 24 has ripped up the U.S rule book and stamped his unique identity on the budding UK trap genre, by taking elements from its American counterpart, such as ominous beats and menacing delivery, when breaking down life in his in his North West ends. Scouse Tremz shares tales from the trap with a distinctive twist, by uncompromisingly rapping in his visceral scouse accent and dialect; instantly making his stories memorable to the listener, as he refuses to adopt a U.S twang or London accent for that matter, whereas many others would be tempted.

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Tremz’ style and brand (self-titled – scouse trap) is refreshing to hear, as it’s not often we hear regionally rich and prominent northern accents lacing a hard and edgy trap (or drill) beat; still to this day Grime artists outside of its epicentre in London have expressed, it can sometimes take longer to be embraced by a scene which is automatically attuned to hearing the accent of Grime’s birth place in London. Perhaps the fact that trap is an American import with Tremz redesigning and modifying it to suit his individual experiences growing up in Liverpool ends, unlike Grime which has definitive origins in London, allows Tremz more freedom to adapt trap’s sound; as there were no UK origins in traps’ invention, meaning the interpretation of trap, is still fairly new to UK shores. It’s definitely a lot easier to mould a genre when its seeds were not sown and nurtured within the soils of the UK’s urban music lineage.

I believe this is one of the reasons for Scouse Tremz’ rapid recognition, which has earned him a devoted following. Add to that a bristling confidence, complete conviction in his brand and an unblinkered vision for the future of his music, along with his scouse peppered delivery, we could very well have a ‘Rockstar’ on our hands of the scouse trap genre, trying to fend off all those queens in the trap; as he concentrates on becoming the UK’s overall trap king. Read on as Tremz shares his journey so far, when I caught up with him, at BDL’s Big weekender closing party in Alicante, Spain.

Dine on Grime/Munch on music: As a Northern artist, what made you decide to sign with southern based BDL?

Tremz: I haven’t signed with BDL, BDL is Narstie’s movement which I am a part of. (At this point I realised I’d been hi-JACKED by Daniel after thinking I’d missed my chance of an interview with Izzie Gibbs or Tremz)

Tremz with his Dice Recordings label mate, Big Narstie

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: I’m SO sorry Tremz it’s been a crazy weekend as you know, let me go again! Take 2, what made you as a Liverpool based artist decide to sign with the Southern based label, ‘Dice Recordings?’

Tremz: Well I knew Narstie from 2016 and I shouted him to do a tune, I went to the studio and they (Dice Recordings management) were there, we had the conversation and then went out and that’s when history was made. [Laughs mischievously]

Dine on Grime/ M.O.M: The industry is a highly competitive one, what was it you did that made you stand out to Big Narstie and Dice Recordings?

Tremz: Errmmmm right now I can’t actually think at that time what song was out, but I was banging a lot of songs out at the time, d’ya know what I mean? So it’s hard to say really. I dunno, I think it’s just because I was out there man, I was everywhere.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: So have you moved to London now or are you still living in Liverpool, where is your base?

Tremz: Nah nah nah, I don’t live in London, I’m in Liverpool out in the countryside (At this point I laughed, certain that Tremz was bantering with me after he’d discovered from my first question the J.D and coke was going down well) Nah really I’ve got a house in the country side man I can get me head down and write me lyrics and then get off to London as and when.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: That’s sick, because you’ve got the best of both worlds there, you’ve got the peace and quiet and you can turn up in London. Soooooo I saw your video for ‘Rockstar’ with all the big booty shakers, what’s next for Tremz?

Tremz: [Chuckles at my description of the video] ha ha oh yeah yeah “Rockstar’ video was definitely a fun shoot to do, I can’t lie. Ha ha ha, I’m just waiting for me new E.P, I can’t even give you the title yet because right now I’m deciding between a few, yeah, but I can tell you it’s gonna be released in the next few months, it’s definitely coming this year.

Dine on Grime/ M.O.M: That’s good to hear. Are there any collabos with Narstie on the EP or will you be making an appearance on Narstie and Mo’s (comedian Mo Gillingham) channel 4 show?

Tremz: Yeah, most likely, most likely you should see me on there. Keep a look out.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: Do you think the Northern Grime scene and/or the Northern UK rap scene is healthy at the moment?

Tremz: When you say the Northern scene do you mean music up North in general or specifically Grime, because I don’t really follow the grime scene to be honest, only a few people.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: Ok that’s cool; who do you rate from your ends in Liverpool? Shout them out!

Tremz: Hmmmmm from my ends, well it’s gotta be my lil bro man, Bally Jones braaaaaap!

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Dine on Grime/M.O.M: Big up Bally Jones! Are there any artists from Manchester you’d like to collaborate with?

Tremz: Yeah yeah, boom – 40 samurai, he’s cold, but right now I don’t think it’s possible.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: Would you get involved in healthy competition to test your skills against your peers, similar to the Grime aside events?

Tremz: I actually don’t do Grime, I mean I can make grime and I can spit on grime beats but I don’t make grime consistently; I’m just a musician man, but if I had to put a label on what I do, I make scouse trap.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: What does scouse trap mean to you? How would you define it?

Tremz: Well for one scouse trap isn’t just about the music, it’s a lifestyle and it’s where I’m from, it’s about who I am. Scouse trap is my brand, it’s my genre and what I identify with and that’s what I decided to call what I do, in music.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: So do you have a crew that you run with or make music with as a collective.

Tremz: Yeah FTR is my crew, it stands for fuck the rats or for the riches, so when you asked me before who do I rate, Bally Jones is my lil bro man, he’s one of my boys, he’s part of the crew.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: Ah ok I get you. What inspires you to create?

Tremz: Erm well sometimes I make music based on me emotions, but sometimes I spend weeks constructing a song and putting things together y’know what I mean? I know how I want the music to sound, I know how I want the music to be in me head.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: Yeah I hear that, it makes sense (I agreed knowing full well each artist has a unique and individual creative process.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Tremz: 5 years’ time?! I see myself as more successful and that’s because I’m gonna work hard and not stop working, regardless of whether I see it in that way, it’s not gonna happen unless I put the work in to make it happen.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: What advice would you give people like you, people on the come up who are wanting to get signed and wanting to achieve?

Tremz: Well you see me yeah, I do my thing I don’t do it in no structured way or how anyone else does it, so when you see me do my thing it’s not in the style of no one else, you get me? I stick to my own lane, so I’d say find your lane and go with that.

Dine on Grime/M.O.M: What’s the view looking like in your lane for the next 6 months?

Tremz: You can expect a lot of releases, but me ep will be out as well before that, I expect that to drop well before 6 months. So yeah they’ll be a lot of releases and some new sounds; my EP will come first and then I’ll put out some releases.

Me thanking Tremz for the interview .


Dine on Grime/M.O.M: What’s your message to your fans and I know you have A LOT?

Tremz: Stay working man, don’t give up, that’s all I can say. Do your thing y’know what I mean.

And with that I thanked Tremz for his time especially as it was not a pre-planned interview and we were all in the middle of enjoying our J.D and cokes at the BDL closing party! Big ups to the BDL gang for having us and a big thank you to Scouse Tremz

Cammy Thomas

*WATCH* Tremz *VIDEO* for ‘Rockstar’ below: