Krept x Konan x Jhus – ‘Get a stack’ video release

Young Kingz Krept and Konan had the common sense to draft in J-hus for their newly released single and video ‘Get a stack’ lifted from their well-received mixtape ‘7 days’ alongside its companion ‘7 nights.’


As the scene opens on the ‘Get a stack’ video it’s clear that the successful rap trio are a long way from home as the camera pans up to reveal a giant villa, with multiple plush pools for the boys to cool off in, after they finish their game of table tennis! (Yes really), surrounded by palm trees under clear blue skies. As you’d expect after a meteoric rise for Krept, Konan and J-hus they are in full on hustler mode and enjoying the fruits of their labour. There’s plenty of flossin as their rolly’s, jewels, creps are a focal point and we even get an 8 pack ab flash supplied by Konan and J-hus (mans getting hench!!)

If you’re sick of feeling like you are trapped in a chronicles of Narnia snow globe; take in the wave of ‘Get a stack’ with its crisp visuals, as you watch people on jet skis riding the wave in a sun kissed country far far away!

Cammy Thomas

Get a Stack Video