Metamorphic EP Review – PERiiSU

Hot off the heels of her mesmeric single ‘Pressure’ featuring Manny rapper Big Boy Eazi, Manchester’s PERiiSU returns with her debut four track EP ‘Metamorphic’ and that is exactly what she does on all four tracks of this futuristic, sci-fi sonic quadrant of space age sounds.

We begin with one of the best remixes of an iconic track I’ve ever heard as PERiiSU shows off her production skills on the R&B favourite ‘Rock the boat’ by the late, great Aaliyah (R.I.P.) For any new artist to cover or remix an Aaliyah track takes courage and confidence and I’m pleased to say PERiiSU more than pulls it off. PERiiSU remains faithful to the original vocals we all know and love keeping Aaliyah’s vocal largely untouched, reminding us of the purity of Aaliyah’s songbird tones; whilst adding an absolute MONSTER munch of a beasty bwoy B-line coupled with rhythmic synths which turns the well-known track from playful suggestion to full on temptress in a red dress wanting to whisk you away to the ‘Love island’ hideaway. Near the tracks end, the bass gives way to an instrumental which ascends to great heights.

PERiiSU’s second track ‘Change’ (A nod to the EP’s title) conjures up the image of crawling through a multidimensional tunnel suspended in the cosmos, trying to find your way back to the mothership as the tunnel closes in and metamorphoses every time you think you’re nearing the entrance to safety. PERiiSU explores low-key but throbbing bass, supporting a synergy of otherworldly synths while informing us she needs to “Get that money, trying to get that dough” with a slight vocoder effect overlapping her vocals; it’s as though she’s attempting to cast a spell on us with her bewitching tones, in the hope that by the time the track ends we are all entranced and more than willing to PayPal her our hard-earned cash to oblige her request of “Gettin all that money!”

Singer, rapper, songwriter, producer and comedienne, PERiiSU

PERiiSU saves the best until last on the dreamscape sounds of ‘Lose your mind’ which I can only describe as a psychedelic trip through the inner core of a rainbow! The track is simply stunning and blends an array of seductive sounds and mesmerizing echoes. The most striking element of ‘Lose your mind’ is how Manchester’s Tyler the creator equivalent (owing to her multimedia talents spanning production, singing, rapping and comedy skits) uses her voice as the focal instrument of the track, she contort’s her vocal into distorted echoes which seem to lure the listener into a swirl of sounds and trippy tones (Think A$AP Rocky’s ‘LSD’ blessed with Sade like vocals.) PERiiSU’s adlibs sprinkled throughout the track are natural and spontaneous and showcases an artist who considers the vibe and mood of her tracks as much as a catchy hook, as demonstrated on the previous two tracks on this ambitious debut EP.

If you’re looking for something aurally alluring and love your (ear) lobes, treat them to this unique mind bending EP. You can listen to PERiiSU’s debut EP ‘Metamorphic’ here:

Cammy Thomas