Iceberg dead ahead! But unlike the sinking ship of the titanic this ship is curving obstacles and sailing past a fleet of other vessels determined to reach its destination as Manchester’s no.1 female Grime artist on the pearly harbours of shellington beach! This ship is being steered by the fierce and fully focused Lady ice.

The 22-year-old Manchester resident was freezing up the airwaves since her One way TV freestyle back in 2011 where she flexed her turbo tongue over a Grime and also a hip hop beat which introduced her switch up skills, brash lyrics and larger than life hair which would even have Ella Eyre crying into her detangling brush. Lady ice then dropped the temperature further still on her SBTV warm up sessions and surprised listeners with a beat boxing interlude, the session also showed off her refined flow and control within delivery proving lady Ice is the type of artist to push herself beyond her limits to bring her best bars to a variety of well-known beats.

By the time she brought the chill (and her DJ Rena Sparks) to Tim Westwood’s crib (I’m sure he had to turn the heating up once Mz. Manny entered the building) Lady Ice’s flow had slowed to enable every word to be heard and her swag had supersized; here she was comfortable over slower instrumentals such as Nicki Minaj’s ‘Only ‘and ‘Truffle Butter’, Grime anthem ‘That’s not me’ and Lethal Bizzle’s infectious ‘Fester Skank’ where she also displayed some dench dance moves. Throughout the crib session ‘Ice peppered her bars with playful patois and a Blazin bar beware moment came with the lyric “other rappers bars go low to the take that” a clever play on words in tribute to her one time X Factor judge and fellow Manny resident Gary Barlow.

In April of this year Lady Ice skated over her most notable freestyle to date on an instrumental that has been so popular amongst MC’s and rappers that I wouldn’t be surprised if it bounced over to the pop world and Pixie Lott decided to drop a fire freestyle on it ! Yep the Lady of all things icy dropped phat ass hailstones over the northern skies on the phenomenal Rude Kid Produced ‘One Take’ instrumental. The video begins with Lady Ice in a corner shop (I expected Grime reports’ Lordie to remind ice it was the five-pound munch and she couldn’t be reckless with the peas) and intercuts with Lady Ice bouncin to the beat on road as she spits “I’ll box you to the end of the world. Never been that, nah nah nah never been that, nah nah Ice has never been wack” This was Lady Ice’s gloves off bare knuckles fight track to let any haters know she’s not here to play she’s on a serious ting. All traces of nice we saw in her previous freestyles had disappeared to leave blocks of ice which the Manny motor mouth launches at us with full force as she’s now older and wiser and has experienced the setbacks of an artist trying to make it as she states “No one gave me shit you can ask Re’” (DJ Rena sparks) any hint of self-consciousness in her previous freestyle had now been replaced by a healthy dose of cockiness and ego on this no-nonsense FREEZEstyle.

Lady Ice’s latest release ‘Take Two’ presented by P110 Media (which sees her invert the title of ‘One take’ – see what she did there, you can’t fault the wit) is a continuation of her ‘One take’ freestyle as the scene has changed from a day time settings to after hours with street lights and neon shop signs highlighting lady Ice’s on trend Adidas track suit and trademark crop top and matching bottoms combi this time on a monochrome flex. She spits in a double time flow and proclaims “I am the girl that dabs I’m not the girl with the butt that claps” a defining lyric which not only cements her confidence but also gives an insight into the type of artist Lady Ice identifies herself as and also how she would like to be viewed by her fans and peers. The production pounds as a warning signal to anyone who dares to try her; it’s manic, tense and dark and has a sound effect running throughout which left me inexplicably staring at the piping in my kitchen as though a person with no bones was slithering around inside the pipes waiting to burst out and attack. (Mulder and Scully you have a lot to answer for!) Lady ice is not impressed with “Every snake in the grass, they get mould on” or the guys who are blowing up her phone whom she has no time to text. She’s sick of hearing the same flows and dares other artists to come with the fire flows and keep it versatile. The end of the track suggests Lady Ice may be aiming her sharpened icicles at one person in particular as she challenges “Cos you ain’t on shit and you ain’t even on fleek, cos you ain’t got shit and you ain’t even that deep, if I hear one bar and you’re aiming it at me, got a couple of home truths I’m ready to unleash” as a boxing bell sounds on the track to let us know Lady Ice has KO’d her opponents it’s clear that the term breaking the ice has a whole new meaning when around this frosty female as one wrong move and you just might fall through a crack in the ice, tread with extreme caution.

Cammy Thomas


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Watch ‘Take Two’ below