What’s Buggin Bugzy?

Unless you became a lodger on an alien space ship chillin with e.t’s and got dropped off yesterday you’d know That Bugzy has had one of the busiest years on the Grime scene in 2015. Bugzy Malone is the very definition on what you’d call an overnight celebrity…on the surface of it, behind the scenes Bugzy has dedicated himself to his music and made the right connections quietly for well over 5 years until he set fire to Charlie’s booth (the extinguishers were empty that day) and the heat was felt across the nation; Bugzy had finally achieved exactly what he’d set out to do – Put Manny on the Map. As an honorary Manc’ myself who has been native to the city for nearly 20 years I was gassed to finally have someone from my ends show the rest of the nation we are not tip toeing around on cobbled street trying not to drop our oil lanterns stuck in some 1940’s time warp, it felt good to have someone from our streets representing our surroundings, our environments and our struggles (Such as the ‘Gunchester’ era 93 – 99; that saw many of us, myself included lose family and friends) he became the mouth piece of Manchester on a national level within the formerly London centric Grime scene.

His debut E.P ‘Walk with me’ dropped in July this year after which he embroiled himself in a beef with long termer Chip (minus the Monk) after choosing to step up to Chips’ send for ‘Any MC who wants to challenge me’ Bugzy took up the opportunity and went in on Chip in a Fire in the Booth sesh and again on the track ‘Relegation Riddim.’ So now we come to Bugzy’s latest offering “Bronson” which upon hearing the title made me think the grime community were in grave danger and Bugzy was gonna start samurai sword swinging slaying mans in the manor but no; “Bronson” details how Bugzy feels incarcerated by the level of fame he’s acquired in such a short amount of time, I can’t help but wonder if it was the best idea to enter a beef that wasn’t necessarily a send for him as he was so new on the scene and whether he should have let the grand daddy’s of grime battle it out amongst themselves, judging from Bugzy’s outpouring on the track Bronson he’s wondering the very same thing.

untitled (6)

The track begins with hellish high-pitched cries for what sound like help, possibly to symbolise the demons which seem to be troubling Bugzy lately. Everything about the track is all black everything – the instrumental is gloomy, heavy-hearted and haunting, Bugzy matches the tone of the instrumental skulking around dressed in head to toe black garms, chucking the money that he hasn’t had a chance to spend to the ground in frustration (pass some my way) when he’s not throwing money to the ground in disappointment he’s cruising around in an Audi on a pitch black night with storm clouds gathering in the distance pondering the problems of success and the betrayal of those he thought had his back, it’s all very dramatic and It’s clear that Bugzy is having a ‘fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’ moment, he’s tired and he wants a break, which for an artist who only blew up a year ago is surprising but if the ‘wild wild west’ are gunning for him as he states then his current mood is justifiable. Bugzy does not sound like a man riding high on the wave of a top 10 EP and national recognition instead he sounds like a man who has been in the game for 10+ years and is ready to quit for a quiet life but the game has only just begun for him, whether he keeps on playing it remains to be seen. The track closes with Bugzy repeating “I don’t wanna talk no more” some might say he chose to talk too much and now he’s paying the price. What IS for certain is this – If you take the M off of Bugzy’s last name it gives you a clear indication of how he’d rather be right now in his pensive frame of mind – Alone.

Cammy Thomas

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