Mickey 2 Time strikes Gold with Stunning Visuals

West London rapper Mickey 2 Time dropped his new video for the single ‘Gold’ in association with Link up TV on 20th December. The video accompanying the track is nothing short of stunning, hypnotic and stylish, director Tracer Ital brought his A game on the breath-taking visuals which feature a beautiful woman adorned in (what else) the colour Gold with killer heels (Hoping to find some of those Louboutin’s under my Christmas tree!) who plays the part of a seductress meant to tempt and distract Mickey. The styling of the actress featured reminds me of the classic video “Breakdown” by Mariah Carey Ft. Bones Thugs and Harmony where Mariah’s beauty is accentuated by all things golden.

The video is intercut with Mickey dressed in covert black in direct contrast to the shimmer and shine of the video’s focal point, Mickey raps in an understated yet clear flow about the possibility of making his encounters and the situations in his life turn to gold so that he can skip over the struggles and hardships. Mickey opens the track telling his “Boo Boo she sounds like voodoo” he states he doesn’t need a woman who will bring him bad luck and is in search of a lucky charm, throughout the track Mickey simultaneously questions how he can himself turn the things in his life golden should he be unsuccessful to find a woman who will be supportive of him and loyal to him. Highlights within the track are the lyrics “If my bars turned into gold bars I’d still be rapping” and “Touch my baby mother with the gold cos my daughter’s 18 K, presidential lady made that’s what I nick name her…”

The instrumental on the track is mesmerizing and puts me in the mind of being lulled into a sphere of intrigue and mystery but going willingly as the hypnotic pull of the track remains powerful throughout. The intermittent piano riff ties the whole thing together and manages to sound beautiful while punctuating the uncertainty of the questions Mickey is pondering. The whole thing is moody, mysterious and alluring which makes for a very unique effort from Mickey 2 Time. We look forward to hearing how Mickey’s flow develops and adapts with future releases in 2016.

Cammy Thomas

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